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Dead By Daylight| Spirit Squad! 2 killers glitch! Oops make that 5 killers!

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Here's another installment in what seems to be becoming a regular series, the "multiple killers glitch".

In case this isn't clear to anyone watching, this was done with six friends in a KYF match and cannot be translated to the regular public matches, so this in no way puts anyone in danger of facing multiple killers in competitive public matches. It's impossible. I spoke to a dev about it and they told me that they didn't see this glitch as anything fundamentally detrimental to the game.
At the time I was helping this dev, explaining two exploits in two maps that I've never shown you because you could duplicate them in real games. Those they were concerned with. One they planned on fixing right away. I love the game and the community so much and if anyone on the mods and devs team feels differently that I'm in some way harming the game with my glitch videos I am certainly all ears if they want to talk to me about them.

My friend Sterling first showed me how to do two killlers or five survivors (she's super talented and also created my channel avatar). Then T-Moth figured out how we could stack the killers even further, by building up the buffer with offerings, allowing us to have the chance to switch roles in the loading screen, and we decided to try to stack even more killers into one match whenever possible! LOL!

In this match I'm playing as Rin Yamaoka "The Spirit alongside FOUR other Spirits! Can Adam Francis power all SIX generators to escape the Family Residence of the Yamaoka Estate map?

I know a lot of people still have questions as to how we did this. It doesn't involve any file hacking or cheat engines. This situation is made possibly by creating a buffer by spamming the switch roles button in the Kill Your Friends mode. The buffer allows others to also switch roles as the game is loading. Of course this is only possible in KYF mode, so you don't have to worry about anyone swapping and becoming a second killer in your regular public competitive matches. This can only be done for fun with friends. I have made this tutorial video on how to do it:


I also know that many of you have a laundry list of combos that you'd like to see us put together into a multi killer kyf glitch. And I'd love to do them all, but the problem is that it's so hard to align the stars to get the game to glitch like this. Honestly, the arduous process of trying to get the game to glitch in this manner is like waiting for the most popular ride at a theme park. Hours in line for a few minutes of fun. But after it's over you still want to do it again. LOL! :)

Thanks to Katze, Nillorama, Amy the Obsessed Illusionist, Po, Deadbound, and Deadbound for exploring this KYF glitch with me.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching. :)

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