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Leopard 1: Mission Impossible II - World of Tanks

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Leopard 1 trying to carry his team on Murovanka.

► Modpack: https://wgmods.net/46/
► Website: http://www.toptier.pro
► Intro: https://youtu.be/xpBToI-XdUI
► Outro: https://goo.gl/UK4VNx

► Performance
The Leopard 1 can fill two main roles to great effectiveness. One's first thought when looking at the Leopard 1 is the role of a sniper, and it is an excellent sniper indeed. Boasting one of the most accurate guns in the game, it combines high accuracy, good alpha damage, and good DPM, all on a highly mobile, fairly well camouflaged tank. The Leopard 1 can quickly position itself in advantageous sniping positions, positions which also often make great use of its very high 410m view range (only the M48A5 Patton is better in this category). All of this rolled into a single package makes it a threat from any distance, able to reliably hit weak points with its high penetration 105mm cannon, remain hidden while doing so, and re-position quickly to either get a new shot or retreat to a safe distance. In this role and for the purposes of spotting, it is highly recommended to run Coated Optics, most likely in place of Vents.

The other role it excels at is that of a supporting flanker. It hasn't the armor to brawl or lead a charge on its own, but it has the acceleration, maneuverability, and top speed to quickly flank occupied tanks and shoot them in the rear with its good rate of fire. This of course puts you more at risk for taking damage, especially module damage, so you must be careful and weigh up the risks before proceeding. This is even more important because you need to always fully aim before taking shots to hit anything - bad soft stats of the gun do not allow you to snapshot and shoot on the move. Gun Rammer and Vertical Stabilizer are, as usual essential choices while optics are the best choice for the third equipment slot as it allows the Leopard to scout if the situation requires, win vision wars against other lights/mediums and to spot heavies outside of their view range, allowing you to snipe with impunity. Vents can be taken if one wishes but are a second class choice to due their minimal effect (a 2.2% bonus to everything, on the leopard there is no tangible benefit).

Another, lesser role it can fulfill to good effect is that of a scout. With 410m base view range, good camo, speed, and acceleration, it can do a fine job of passive or active scouting. However, it is large for a scout, and while the acceleration is good, it is not going to kick you up to 65kmh in a few seconds. Typically this means the Leopard will be far more comfortable passive scouting from bushes with its large view range, lighting up all but the most well camouflaged tanks at near the maximum view range of 445m (when properly equipped). This is only considered a lesser role for several reasons. Namely, the size is not conductive to active scouting as it would be fairly easy to hit, secondly the p/w ratio is not quite strong enough to keep this tank at a fast enough speed when going up slopes of a certain angle or more, or for accelerating to top speed from a standstill, and finally, it's simply a waste of a fantastic gun and damage potential.

The Leopard 1 represents a very versatile medium tank that is excellent at long range combat, flanking manoeuvres and scouting and can perform any of these roles in a pinch. In the hands of skilled players the Leopard 1 is a very dangerous tank.

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