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Let Me Demonstrate How BAD British Lights are! ► World of Tanks Light Tank Test

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World of Tanks New British Light Tanks Compared to Other Scouts - French, American and Russian Light Tanks. World of Tanks The Best and The Worst Light Tanks.
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I had an idea to test out how bad British tank actually are, 1 vs 1 facing same tier tanks. We all have heard about it, we all have seen it... But I decided to recreate some gameplay situations on Malinovka, where British light tanks are being charged by same tier, or lower tier lights, to see how they hold against it, because in now-a-days World of Tanks, this happens more than you might think! :)

So, which tanks are the best, which tanks are the worst, or which tanks are the best out of the worst light tanks?

Let's find out!

►Tanks in action / мир танков:
- Many Light Tanks in action!
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