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Making Squozen Cola Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

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Making Squozen Cola Recipe
Welcome friends! Welcome to episode 2 of our DIY Cola series in the last episode we made what is purported to be the 1886 Pemberton Coca Cola recipe written in his own hand writing in his ledger.
I got a lot of feedback online about that recipe and most of it was from people that didn't quite understand what was going on. A lot of people sort of expect that the cocaine that's in coca-cola or was in coca-cola at that time was put in by some guy, you know pour in a bag of white powdery purified cocaine. Which wasn't the case they were using an extract of the coca leaf. But it wasn't pure cocaine it was sort of a mix between the botanical bittering compounds and the alkaloids but not pure cocaine.
So thank you everybody for pointing out that I didn't use cocaine I didn't use cocaine because it's not in the recipe.
The second group of people were all about the Kola nut, and by that point in the recipe Kola nut wasn't used in
coca-cola he just wanted straight caffeine didn't want the flavour, he only wanted to hit the caffeine so he was using citrate of caffeine which is pure caffeine.
So now I've got that out of the way we're gonna move on and we're gonna start playing with some of the things that we've found out when we made that recipe and we're going to start honing it in and we're going to turn it into Squozen Cola 

Syrup Base:
Water 1.18L
Sugar 1 Kg
Caramel 15 mL
FE Coca 1.3 mL
Vanilla 5 mL
Caffeine .75 mL
Lime Juice 75 mL
Citric Acid 15g

7X Flavor (use 15mL per 19L) 3.5 mL / 1L
236 mL (8 oz) Alcohol
20 drops (0.5g / 1 mL) Orange Oil
30 drops (0.75g / 1.5 mL) Lemon Oil
10 drops (0.25g / .5 mL) Nutmeg Oil
5 drops (0.125g / .25 mL) Corriander Oil
10 drops (0.25g / .5 mL) Neroli Oil
10 drops (0.25g / .5 mL) Cinnamon Oil

Mix together all of the ingredients of the 7X Flavour.
Set this aside in a sealed bottle.
Heat the water sugar and caramel in a large pot.
Stirring continuously, just until sugar is dissolved.
Take off the heat and mix in vanilla, caffeine, lime juice and citric acid.
Stir to fully combine.
Add a measured amount of 7X flavouring to the sugar syrup.

Mix with carbonated water at a ratio of one part syrup and 5 parts water.

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