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Meet The Future Stars Of WoW! The Alliance Forsaken, The Durotar Warfront & The Dragon Isles:

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World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth Patch 8.2.5 has its first build on the PTR and with it... new models for Wrathion, Valeera, Zekhan and Calia Menthil's new Lightbound (Redeemed? Embraced?) Forsaken form. This means there is a LOT of story to come in the next patch and leading into 8.3 and even the next expansion. But when will it release? With the Wow 15th anniversary events (with the Deathwing mount) in the data, might we not see 8.3 until 2020? Join us for this, new Goblin and Worgon models (and heritage armor), the BEE MOUNT, Wow Classic news and more in the Weekly Reset; Taliesin & Evitel's Wondrous Wisdomshow.

+++ Wowhead Articles +++

8.2.5 PTR Models and Scenario - Valeera, Wrathion, Zekhan, Calia Menethil:

New Voice Overs - Magni Bronzebeard, Ebonhorn, Kalecgos, Chromie, MOTHER:

15th Anniversary Event - Face Bosses from WoW Past to Earn the Obsidian Worldbreaker:

Database Updated with UnBEElievable Items:

+++ Taliesin & Evitel +++

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