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Need For Speed Carbon Endgame - Final Duel Race vs Nikki

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NFS Carbon Endgame Mod final duel against Nikki in World Sprint.
Download the Endgame mod maxhwoy by here!

The Endgame mod now allows you to duel against Nikki after defeating Darius, which is one of the cut content from the final version of the game called "endgame_duel". Of course this mod adds new things such as challenges, career races and allowing to use quick race cars in Career mode such as the Zonda F. Note that the name of the mod "endgame" has nothing to do with Avengers.

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0:27 - Darius Defeat cutscene
0:52 - Unlimited time Checkpoint to the final game cutscene
2:01 - NFS Carbon ending cutscene
2:37 - Unlimited time Checkpoint to World Sprint starting point
4:39 - World Sprint Race vs Nikki
19:34 - Endgame Duel (Canyon) vs Nikki
23:28 - Ending message & Credits

#NFSCarbon #ISAD #EndgameMod

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