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Nobbel Reacts to: Azshara's Eternal Palace End Cinematic

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This is HUUUUGE and not even clickbait! This is very huge, but I'm not sure if the cinematic conveys that feeling. By all means let me know what you think of this cinematic and I hope you'll enjoy my reaction ^_^

Big thank you to Squishei for streaming the raid so we EU folks could get an early look. You can find their stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/squishei

Check out the full cinematics here:

Information on Ny'alotha: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Ny%27alotha

Want More Lore?!
The Story of Queen Azshara: https://youtu.be/-pFwhRDzI28
The Story of Jaina Proudmoore: https://youtu.be/vauVUmhfaxg
The Story of Rexxar: https://youtu.be/P0wP77NMR7U
The Story of The Zandalari: https://youtu.be/xxd6OHE5RM8

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Intro screen made by Pakulia:

Outro screen made by Whammo:

The music in this video is provided royalty free. (Creative Commons License)
Songs:The Path of the Goblin King
Music by: http://incompetech.com/
© 2001-2008 Kevin MacLeod

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