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Paladins Top 5 Most Hated Champions

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Paladins Top 5 Most Hated Champions in the realm, a list based on observations and public polling on the champions or champion that they least liked. This is only for fun and I think most of the champions are fun to play in Paladins and have the Joshino seal of approval, well - maybe one spammy boy is an exception! I hope you all enjoy this content as I took some more time edtting this realmy, paladins goodness! Let me know your thoughts on the video and the list of most hated champs below with your top 5 if you want!

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Spoilers below on Champions listed -
Skye Paladins Gameplay and thoughts - 0:46
Dredge Paladins Gameplay and thoughts - 2:52
Vivian Paladins Gameplay and thoughts - 6:03
Koga Paladins Gameplay and thoughts - 8:02
Imani Paladins Gameplay and thoughts - 9:24

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