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World of Tanks AMX 13 90 - 7 Kills 7,2K Damage

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World of Tanks AMX 13 90 - 7 Kills 7,2K Damage

Medals received: Fadin's Medal, High Caliber, Tank Sniper, Top Gun

The AMX 13 90 is a French tier 9 light tank.

In the early 1960s, the 75-mm gun with a muzzle velocity of 1,000 m/s was deemed outdated. The vehicle received the new 90-mm F3 gun that used more powerful HEAT shells. This modernization did not require any significant changes to the turret or vehicle design. The first vehicles were manufactured in February, 1967. The existing vehicles underwent the gun modernization as well.

It comes with a 4 round autoloader.

As with the the AMX 13 75, it works best waiting for engagements to occur and then flanking the enemies, firing on their sides and rear rapidly, and then fleeing to reload. It is also fairly good at scouting and artillery killing, although it doesn't accelerate as fast as some other lights, so it should avoid stopping or slowing down when performing these roles.

The AMX 13 90 leads to the AMX 13 105.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2018

Mod: https://wgmods.net/21/details

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